Traumatised Netflix viewers vow to go vegan after watching stomach-churning new documentary

A brand new documentary about the issue of lethal food-borne sicknesses within the US has hit Netflix and has shocked viewers swearing to go vegan.

Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food was launched on the streaming platform on August 2 and has made viewers confess that they had been “traumatized.”

The movie options interviews with consultants and victims’ households as filmmaker Stephanie Soechtig explores how the systemic failings of the US meals trade are resulting in deadly outbreaks of foodborne pathogens.

The movie made various stomach-turning revelations, together with that corporations can promote rooster contaminated with salmonella.

One professional even mentioned: ‘You should assume that (supermarket chicken) contains pathogens such as salmonella in the first place.’

Shocked: Netflix’s new documentary Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food has left viewers ‘traumatized’

Danger: One of the documentary’s scary revelations is that corporations can promote rooster contaminated with salmonella (inventory photograph)

Viewers shared their shock on the new documentary and rapidly took to social media to admit that they wished to go vegan after watching it.

One viewer mentioned, “This Poisoned documentary on Netflix makes me want to go vegan.”

While one other mentioned, “Poisoning on Netflix TRAUMATIZED me.”

A 3rd tweeted, “I urge everyone to start watching poisoned on Netflix. It’s scary to think about the kind of food we put in our bodies.’

Another commented, “This is frightening… Any of us could end up in the hospital and even die from eating a contaminated piece of lettuce or an undercooked piece of meat.”

Jeff Benedict’s e-book – Poisoned: The True Story Of The Deadly E. Coli Outbreak That Changed The Way Americans Eat – was the inspiration behind the documentary.

Others, nonetheless, had been moved by the movie, however had been satisfied that the gripping tales nonetheless wouldn’t be sufficient to transform them.

‘Scary’: Some viewers urged others to observe the documentary given the significance of the topic

Stubborn: Some viewers had been nonetheless not satisfied that the brand new documentary would change their consuming habits

One of them mentioned: ‘I will still eat what I eat, but to see how few rules there are is quite an eye-opener.’

Another joked, “This Netflix documentary is scary as hell…I’m still going to eat it.”

One of the documentary’s final messages is that if the American public speaks up, regulators may very well be compelled to impose more durable guidelines round meals manufacturing and security.

Soechtig has already launched different documentaries that expose many parts of the meals trade, together with 2009’s Tapped and Fed Up in 2014.