Mushroom business hits again at claims dying caps served up by Erin Patterson throughout toxic lunch had been bought from a store: ‘it is impossible’

The Australian Mushroom Growers Association (AMGA) has championed the allegation that funghi served at a luncheon that killed three folks was bought from a grocer.

Erin Patterson invited her former in-laws Don and Gail Patterson, Gail’s sister Heather and her Reverend husband Ian to her property in Victoria’s Gippsland area for a bit of beef Wellington on July 29. It is believed that the meal contained toxic wild mushrooms.

Don, 70, Gail, 70, and Heather, 66, have since died and Ian is preventing for his life in hospital awaiting a liver transplant.

On Friday, Ms Patterson offered Victoria Police with an affidavit claiming she had purchased a packet of dried mushrooms with a handwritten label from an Asian grocer in Mount Waverley, a Melbourne suburb, at the very least three months earlier than lunchtime.

But the AMGA stated on Tuesday that “it is impossible” for lifeless cap mushrooms and different harmful varieties to be grown and harvested in business actions as a result of they “only grow in the wild.”

The Australian Mushroom Growers Association (AMGA) has alleged that dying cap funghi served at a luncheon that killed three folks had been bought from a grocer

Erin Patterson (pictured), who used the mushrooms in a lethal beef wellington, claims she purchased the dried mushrooms from an Asian grocer at the very least three months in the past

“AMGA extends its deepest condolences to the families of the people affected by the recent tragedy in Leongatha and the entire Gippsland community,” the assertion stated.

‘Given the recent attention paid to mushrooms, the AMGA believes it is necessary to inform the public that commercially grown mushrooms produced in Australia are safe and of high quality. If you want safe mushrooms, buy fresh mushrooms grown in Australia.”

The association went on to say mushrooms are “grown indoors in controlled areas with strict hygiene protocols and food safety standards.”

The claims come after Asian grocers in Mount Waverley also vehemently rejected any suggestion that Ms Patterson could have purchased killer mushrooms from their stores.

Daily Mail Australia visited Asian grocers in and around the heart of the suburb’s busy procuring space on Tuesday

Located at Hamilton Place, TK Asian Supermarket is by far the biggest and hottest of its variety.

Two store assistants instructed Daily Mail Australia that they had by no means heard of anybody getting sick from consuming mushrooms they purchased from their store.

One of the shopkeepers stated that the mere concept of ​​anybody getting sick from a store-bought dried mushroom appeared “crazy” to him.

The meal killed Gail and Don Patterson, Erin’s former in-laws, and Gail’s sister Heather Wilkinson, whereas Mrs. Wilkinson’s husband, Pastor Ian, was left in a critical situation.

‘Yes, dried poisonous mushrooms. I don’t learn about that,” he stated.

“We have no idea if she bought them here. I saw her on the news, but I can’t really remember.’

The shopkeeper said none of their mushrooms were labeled as Ms Patterson reportedly described her purchase to police.

“She said it was a handwritten white label and we never sold that,” he stated.

Around the nook, Daily Mail Australia bought comparable replies from each the East Mart and the 28 Mart.

East Mart didn’t even promote dried mushrooms, whereas the retailer — by way of Google Translate — confirmed its fridge stocked with solely recent or frozen mushrooms.

28 Mart’s dried mushroom merchandise had been all neatly labelled, with that retailer additionally disputing that toxic dried mushrooms had been offered in Mount Waverley.

“I sell dried mushrooms, do you want to try?” requested the shopkeeper.

It just isn’t prompt that any of the retailers proven offered toxic mushrooms.

TK Asian Supermarket workers refuted claims that toxic mushrooms got here from Mount Waverley. It just isn’t prompt that any of the retailers proven offered toxic mushrooms

Dried mushrooms offered within the close by 28 Mart had been all clearly labeled. None had been white or handwritten

People maintain shopping for dried mushrooms. No warnings have been issued to point that this shouldn’t be carried out

The newest well being advisories and warnings printed by Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, in addition to the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) recall database, present just one mushroom warning has been listed this 12 months.

That warning associated to the recall of Enoki Mushrooms from Natural Mushrooms on account of an incorrect greatest earlier than date of July 13, 2023, ‘increase consumer risk of Listeria infection’.

However, these mushrooms didn’t have handwritten labels on their packaging.

Ms Patterson has denied any allegations and no fees are anticipated at this stage of the investigation.

Daily Mail Australia doesn’t counsel that Ms Patterson was accountable for any of the poisonings or deaths.