Shay Given criticizes Arsenal for planning to usher in Brentford’s David Raya on mortgage, claiming: “If I were Aaron Ramsdale I wouldn’t be happy.” You draw an issue’

Shay Given has questioned why Arsenal are signing goalkeeper David Raya from Brentford, claiming present #1 Aaron Ramsdale ‘wouldn’t be comfortable’.

Brentford has agreed to convey Raya to Arsenal on a £3 million mortgage this season, with an possibility to purchase to extend that to £30 million if he joins completely.

But former goalkeeper Given told BBC Match of the Day 2 that he felt the transfer was “a sign of trouble” to the Emirates, with Ramsdale already between the posts.

Given stated, “I look at it and say ‘you’re drawing a problem’.” Ramsdale was probably the greatest gamers for me final yr. He made some massive appearances and actually settled into the place.

“If you bring in Raya, who is a number one in her own right, you’re creating a problem for yourself.

Shay Given has questioned the fight to become Arsenal’s No. 1 goalkeeper this season

Aaron Ramsdale and David Raya were both number 1 goalkeepers for their clubs last season

“I don’t think Raya would leave Brentford – who is number one at Brentford – to be number two at Arsenal or any club. If I was in that position I wouldn’t go number two at a club, no chance So I don’t understand why Arteta wants to bring him in.

“The goalkeeping coach used to be with Brentford, so he doesn’t bring Raya in for nothing, he likes him. Maybe he’s given assurances that he’ll be number one, but I wouldn’t be happy if I were Ramsdale.’

Given explained that outfield positions have two options in any role fighting for position, but the “psychology” was completely different for goalies.

Given the questions raised about why Mikel Arteta had chosen to convey Raya in on mortgage

“Psychologically, if you make a mistake – and we all do, we’re human beings – you’re going to think, ‘Oh, I made a mistake, Raya’s going to play next week,’ or Ramsdale. You play on a small edge all the time.

‘You don’t want that as a keeper, you want to play that. You want your manager’s support: “You are my number one. Even if you make a mistake, I will support you”.

“Last year Ramsdale made some mistakes, he played in midfield, he got caught and they conceded a goal. Does he look over his shoulder as he says “Oh, Raya is coming in now because I made a mistake”? No, he must know he’s a primary, and I don’t suppose it’s a superb chemical to have them each push to that place.”

Arsenal began their Premier League marketing campaign with Saturday’s 2-1 win over Nottingham Forest on the Emirates, however Raya may very well be within the squad by the point the Gunners play Crystal Palace on August 21.