My boyfriend of three years shared a mattress with one other girl and thinks it’s okay – am I improper?

A younger girl feels harm and confused after her boyfriend of three years slept with one other girl – then advised her it was ‘no big deal’.

The 21-year-old stated her boyfriend went on a visit together with his finest good friend, his finest good friend’s spouse and her single girlfriend.

Only two beds had been accessible in the course of the brief break, so the couple took one and left the opposite two to share.

“He didn’t tell me this was the situation until he got home,” she wrote in a put up on Reddit.

“He apologized for not telling me sooner, but doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with him sleeping with her.”

A younger girl feels harm and confused after her boyfriend of three years shared a mattress with one other girl and advised her it was ‘no big deal’

The younger girl stated she was upset by her associate’s sleeping association and dismissive angle.

“He doesn’t understand why I’m upset and I’m having a hard time explaining it to him. I tried to tell him that sharing a bed is essentially an act of intimacy, and it pains me that he shared it with someone else. But he disagrees because they haven’t done anything,” she stated.

The girl additionally admitted she was confused about whether or not she “deserved” to be upset.

And the viewers appeared simply as torn.

Some individuals chided the good friend for his unfair, borderline habits and advised the younger girl to “run.”

Dishonesty isn’t okay. If he’s afraid to be sincere with you, he wants to interrupt up with you. It’s extremely disrespectful to share a mattress with one other girl,” stated one girl.

“He accuses you of being jealous and controlling and unreasonable so he can do what he wants and be disrespectful to you. YOU decide what you will and will not tolerate,” stated one other.

“I would also have a problem with this. It might have been different if he told you beforehand, but it’s kind of weird that he told you afterwards,” a 3rd added.

While others claimed she overreacted.

“I wouldn’t care whether he told me before or after in this situation. If I knew, nothing would have changed, but I’m quite liberal in spirit,” one girl claimed.

‘Personally I don’t actually see an issue. Unless he did one thing to the lady, there’s not a lot of an issue. He in all probability didn’t inform you as a result of he didn’t suppose it was essential,” stated one other.

How would you may have favored that scenario to prove? 2 beds, 4 individuals. 2 of the individuals are married. So you both needed the married couple to sleep individually (unreasonably) otherwise you needed your boyfriend to sleep on the ground of a resort he in all probability got here in for?,” one other requested.

The man solely confessed to having slept in the identical mattress after the vacation

Some questioned the couple’s motives.

‘Does his best friend hate you? It sounds like they’re attempting to interrupt you up,’ somebody stated.

“Weird that the married couple thought it wouldn’t be a problem. Would they be okay with sharing a bed with a friend of the opposite sex,’ another asked.

“It makes sense to have the boys share one bed and the girls the other,” added a 3rd.