Marketing govt Tiffany Gomas apologizes for her American Airlines airplane viral meltdown, calling it her “very worst moment” — however provides that the “memes were amusing”

Marketing supervisor Tiffany Gomas apologized on Sunday for her anger on an American Airlines flight on July 2, saying she was embarrassed by her conduct — however admitted the web consideration was “amusing.”

Gomas, 38, flew from her hometown Dallas-Fort Worth airport to Orlando, determined the airplane was unsafe, and loudly demanded that everybody on the flight evacuate.

On Sunday, she apologized for her conduct.

“I apologize and take responsibility for my actions, they were inappropriate,” she wrote on Twitter.

“My worst moment was captured on video.”

Gomes instructed on Wednesday that her life has “blew up” since her extraordinary tirade.

She stated on Sunday, “While the memes were amusing, the flip side was brutal. I am grateful to my friends and family for supporting me through this.

“This experience has changed my life and I hope to turn it into something good and promote positive mental health. Stay tuned!’

She coordinated her post on Twitter with the launch of her Instagram page and YouTube channel.

Tiffany Gomas posted a video on Twitter on Sunday apologizing for her behavior on July 2

In the video she posted online, she said, “Hello everyone, it’s me – Tiffany Gomas, better known as the crazy airplane lady. That is absolutely right.’

She continued, “As you know, I haven’t wanted to speak about the viral video, but I finally feel like it’s time.”

Gomas instructed on Wednesday, “My life has blown up. It’s frightening.

“Things go viral and everything changes.”

Gomas continued, “First of all, I want to take full responsibility for my actions.

“They were completely unacceptable.

Upset or not, I should have controlled my emotions, and I wasn’t.

“My use of profanity was completely unnecessary and I want to apologize to everyone who was on that plane, especially those who had children on board.”

She stated she couldn’t think about “going through that and trying to explain to your child what just happened.”

Gomas, her Goyard bag below her arm, marched to the entrance of the airplane on July 2 and instructed fellow passengers that she was disembarking as a result of the airplane was not protected.

The video confirmed a visibly shaken Gomas telling passengers, “I’m fucking off and there’s a reason… I’m telling you now that bastard over there isn’t real and you can sit on this plane, and you can die with them or not. I’m not going to do that.’

Speaking from her $1.6 million home in Dallas, Texas this week, Tiffany Gomas finally broke her silence about her viral ‘meltdown’ on an American Airlines flight last month

The 36-year-old revealed her life has “blew up” since her now-viral meltdown on an American Airlines flight and is now consulting a lawyer

Gomas additionally claimed that a lot of what’s circulating within the media or on-line is “inaccurate,” however declined to elaborate.

A recalcitrant Gomas instructed solely from her residence in Dallas, “No one knows anyone else’s story and no one is allowed to judge. Nobody knows what it’s like.’

Dressed in a fitted white tank top and black leggings, her long hair slicked back in a bun, the 38-year-old owner of Uppercut Marketing, who promises his clients, “We make you look really very good,” confirmed up on the door of her $ 1.6 million property and stated she consulted a lawyer.

She claimed, “They’re watching my house. They’re watching my neighbors. They’re going through my mail.’

And she stated, “So much of what’s out there is inaccurate,” however when requested for particulars, she declined to remark additional.

Passengers on Flight 1009 from Dallas Fort Worth to Orlando that day had been compelled off the airplane after a “distraught” Gomas recommended the airplane was not protected, forcing workers to re-screen the airplane.

Tiffany Gomas’s collapse was caught on video final month as she frantically demanded to get off a airplane, claiming somebody at the back of the airplane was ‘not real’

Passengers turned heads when she appeared to level to the again of the airplane as she spoke of a person who ‘wasn’t actual’

Gomas’s meltdown was apparently sparked by an argument with a relative she was touring with who she accused of stealing her airpods.

“The woman then began to claim that the plane was not safe and did not want the plane to take off because she believed it would not reach its destination,” the police report stated.

The advertising and marketing supervisor, who is predicated in Dallas, was issued a felony violation warning, however she was not charged or taken into custody.

“Because of the statements, the flight attendants felt that the plane should be re-screened. (The airline manager) explained that the passenger was denied boarding and they wanted to escort her to the public side.”

She marched off the airplane, however by the point TSA brokers arrived to escort her again to the general public facet of the airport, the visibly upset lady was making an attempt to get again on board.

Passengers on the airplane had been finally compelled to disembark and be re-screened by safety as a precaution.

Police officers from the Dallas Fort Worth Department of Safety tried to speak to a “distraught” Gomas, however she refused to cooperate.

She was finally returned to the unsecured facet of the airport, however regardless of her earlier hysterics, she made repeated makes an attempt to get again into the boarding space by way of TSA screening.

Gomas, who held a $1,900 Goyard tote bag within the clip, runs her personal advertising and marketing firm and lives in a $1.6 million luxurious four-bedroom property full with a swimming pool

Police later discovered Gomas on the curb outdoors the airport, ready for an Uber.

They issued her a felony trespass warning, however she was not charged or taken into custody.

The advertising and marketing govt, who was seen holding a $1,900 Goyard tote bag within the clip, was thought-about a “rising star” in 2017, when she served as Vice President of Client Services at Elevate Brand Marketing.

She now runs her personal advertising and marketing firm, UpperCut Marketing, which boasts main purchasers reminiscent of Xbox, Microsoft, and others, however has since shut down its public profiles.

Gomas lives in a $1.6 million, four-bedroom luxurious residence full with a swimming pool.

She purchased the house within the prosperous neighborhood in January 2022 for $572,530 earlier than renovating your complete house.