I’m A 38-Year-Old Virgin…however I Fathered 25 Children: Maryland Software Engineer Becomes Fertile Sperm Donor So He Doesn’t Miss Paternity

Drew Sollenberger with three of his organic youngsters

A 38-year-old asexual man from Maryland has fathered greater than two dozen youngsters and counting — with out ever having intercourse.

Virgin Drew Sollenberger has been a prolific sperm donor for 16 years, resulting in 25 profitable pregnancies for girls throughout the nation.

The software program engineer realized he was aromantic, that means that at about age 22, he felt little or no romantic attraction to both intercourse.

But mockingly, he has all the time needed to be a father since he was a young person.

His love for youngsters started when his older sister turned pregnant on the age of 18, and he spent just a few years serving to to take care of his nephew.

“I realized I really loved kids,” he advised DailyMail.com. As quickly as he may, he began volunteering with youngsters.

“My only real complaint was that the volunteer work I had was more of a short-term one. I would watch a child for a day, I would be involved in this activity and the child would move on with their life.

“It was fun, but I wasn’t sure it would have long-term impact — the kids wouldn’t remember me.”

But his urge to turn out to be a father clashed together with his sexuality.

Mr Sollenberger stated: ‘I’ve simply by no means dated anybody, by no means needed to, by no means met anybody I’m even remotely taken with, which I’m advantageous with, however meaning not having a nuclear household, not turning into a conventional father. And that upset me.

“It took me half a year to say to myself, it’s okay, I can still volunteer, it’s good enough, but it still bothered me.”

The 38-year-old from Maryland realized at about age 22 that he was aromantic, that means he felt little or no romantic attraction to both intercourse, however he nonetheless actually needed to be a father

Mr Sollenberger thought-about fostering or paying for a surrogate mom however determined the latter was not an choice as he stated he donates all his cash to charity.

He advised DailyMail.com, “I could, but I won’t. That’s multiple lives that could be saved with that money instead; it’s not a good use of money.’

He then stumbled upon Known Donor Registry, a website that connects alternate families and infertile couples with sperm donors, and also joined the Facebook group Sperm Donation USA because “that’s what everyone uses.”

Now he’s in common contact with eight of the youngsters he helped father, seeing them about as soon as a month to hang around at their home or go to the seashore.

‘I originally wanted a lot of contact (with the children). I came back to that for several reasons.’

Mr Sollenberger stated his motivation for donating has modified “completely” from “donating because I wanted to have children I could relate to to donating because women needed more committed donors.”

He additionally began asking for much less contact as a result of he realized that ladies lied to him.

“People will just lie to you and say they want to interact when they don’t. So it’s better to tell them, I’ll give you what level you want so you tell me what you really want, instead of me getting my hopes up and then letting them shoot over and over again.”

Sperm donation has been round for over 60 years, with the opening of the primary sperm banks within the Sixties. But costs have skyrocketed through the years, creating an underground sperm market.

Mr. Sollenberger drove as much as three hours to provide his semen in a cup to same-sex and heterosexual {couples} who couldn’t conceive naturally.

The reality that he’s a virgin appears to work in his favor. He stated that ladies, particularly these with male companions, favor to know that he’s not having intercourse.

Mr. Sollenberger additionally has a YouTube channel the place he offers recommendation to individuals who wish to have youngsters by means of sperm donation

Mr Sollenberger spoke to DailyMail.com after coming back from every week spent with two of his organic daughters, whom he refers to as his ‘goddaughters’.

He can see of his youngsters, the eldest is 9 and the youngest is one and a half years previous.

He stated, “Virtually all the kids call me Uncle, except the two who call me Godfather, which is practically the same relationship under a different name.”

Mr. Sollenberger is legally the caretaker of his youngsters if each dad and mom die for 2 households.

“But in general I am the uncle. I’m the nice guy who comes to play with them, usually about once a month. Some people have given me permission to come more often, but I try not to come more than once a month.’

“I’m now trying to make the recipients the primary driver to donate.”

Mr Sollenberger stated his dad and mom help his choice to donate.

“My father has been surprisingly quiet about the whole affair, which I am shocked about. He is a pessimist at heart. The very first thing he said was, “They’re just doing this for child support.” I advised him we’re getting contracts and he was like, okay, then he’s completed with it.’

He stated his mom struggled at first with the truth that she couldn’t know extra about her organic grandchildren.

“I think it’s a bit of a culture shock (for my mom) to meet the interracial kids of the lesbian couple whose mom is all for trans rights and thinks BDSM is cool.”

Mr. Sollenberger has a “golden rule” that he tries to show all his youngsters.

“Someone ought to have the ability to do what makes them joyful, so long as they don’t damage anybody. Even should you discover it unusual or weird.’