American expat ‘blown away’ by the on a regular basis delicacies everybody in Australia and New Zealand has

An American dwelling in New Zealand was amazed by an important kitchen he doesn’t have at dwelling – and shared the most important tradition shock he’s ever skilled.

Konner moved to Auckland earlier this 12 months and has been ‘blown away’ by kettles.

While the kitchen staple is a staple in Australia and New Zealand, the younger expat defined how Americans use kettles at dwelling.

“Something I absolutely love about New Zealand as America is these things – a kettle,” he stated in a TikTok video.

“It’s always on your counter and I absolutely love it because in America we literally have to use a kettle – we don’t have an electric one – which is always a hassle.”

A younger American dwelling in New Zealand was shocked by a communal kitchen he doesn’t have at dwelling. Konner (pictured) moved overseas earlier this 12 months and has skilled among the tradition shock he’s skilled

In the video, Konner then demonstrated how the kettle works for many who don’t know.

He stated, ‘I literally fill this up, click this switch here and the water started boiling, made it all hot and it turned itself off.’

He added that he thought it was “so cool” that he might make a cup of tea in two minutes.

The brief clip has since been considered greater than 333,000 occasions and plenty of have been in disbelief once they realized that Americans use boiling kettles.

“Wait, Americans don’t have this? I thought every country had one,” one individual commented.

“I don’t understand why you don’t have them in America,” stated one other.

A 3rd wrote: ‘Cooking kettles used to be a thing here in NZ…in the 1980s.’

Culture shock as an American dwelling in New Zealand:

No suggestions

Turns on energy retailers

The phrase ‘sharp’

Drive on the left facet of the highway

Using the ‘C word’

The authorized ingesting age

Elsewhere on TikTok, Konner additionally listed 5 tradition shocks he’s skilled since shifting overseas.

Firstly, he can’t recover from the truth that New Zealanders drive on the left facet of the highway, which makes him ‘anxious’ as a result of he’s used to driving on the suitable facet.

Number two is the phrase “sharp.” We don’t say that within the US and it’s so humorous to listen to you say that,” he stated.

At first, Konner thought that dairy shops in New Zealand have been shops stocked with dairy merchandise, however he quickly realized that it’s a comfort retailer.

He was additionally stunned by the common use of the “C word” and the truth that the authorized ingesting age is eighteen, not 21 in comparison with the US.

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