Motorists of visitors laws might be fined $200 for breaking in Victoria

Unaware drivers are being fined with fines and demerit factors for annoyingly ignoring a minor visitors rule that some drivers say is little greater than courtesy.

Police are reprimanding drivers alongside Victoria’s Surf Coast Highway for taking on the best lane on a twin carriageway.

At least 5 drivers have been caught driving on the observe on Wednesday and Thursday, which by regulation might solely be used when overtaking.

Some drivers drove slowly, whereas others drove on the restrict, and all have been fined $192 and obtained two demerits.

Vic Roads states that on multi-lane roads with a velocity restrict of fifty mph or larger, the best lane is just for overtaking, turning proper, or when the roads are congested.

Surf Coast Police have cracked down on Victorian drivers for staying in the best lane, which is prohibited on all roads above 50mph

Five drivers alongside the Surf Coast freeway have been fined $192 and obtained two demerits for seizing the best lane, which is the utmost penalty

Police shared the justifications they heard from drivers after pulling them over.

One driver stated they have been unaware of the rule as officers fined them $192 and two demerits.

Another thought it was advantageous as a result of they went ‘for the 100’, however they have been additionally penalized.

A 3rd driver tried to ask police in the event that they have been critical as officers wrote out the advantageous and awarded demerit factors.

Their final catch of the day stated they have been simply drained as a result of they acquired the identical punishment.

Patrolling officers adopted every offender for greater than a mile earlier than pulling them over and handing out the utmost penalty for the offence.

Photos of the victims have been uploaded to their Eyewatch – Surfcoast Police Service Area media web page, sparking some skepticism from one commenter.

“Increase revenue,” they stated with a stunning emoji.

“Yeah no – quite a serious safety issue,” the Surf Coast police responded.


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People agreed and praised the police for lastly cracking down on thoughtless drivers.

‘No, it’s as a result of they really hearken to what the group desires. The majority of persons are uninterested in hoggers in the best lane,” one stated.

“As an ambo, I’m too often frustrated by cars and trucks in the right lane that are in la la land and won’t give way to us while our lights and siren are working to reach someone in need,” one other replied.

“Can you please patrol the Bellarine Highway, I promise you will be very busy,” one particular person urged.

Others within the feedback questioned what excuse it was for a driver to say he wasn’t conscious of the rule.

‘Rules are rules, which we had to learn during our driving tests in order to pass our licences. I don’t perceive how folks appear to overlook about them after driving for lower than six months,” they requested.

A Sydney lady tried this excuse in 2017 when she was pulled over for ‘driving too slowly’ within the right-hand lane.

The lady, whom the Daily Mail prefers to not identify, pulled out her telephone and filmed the ordeal, threatening to “expose” the violent police.

“Absolutely disgusting behavior by the police. I will have you all exposed and reported, pull me over for no reason,” she captioned the video on Facebook.

While it’s unknown if she was additionally fined $192 and two demerits, she did obtain a hail of derision from folks siding with the police.

The video was shortly eliminated.