Father of two of 4 youngsters miraculously discovered alive after 40 days alone in Amazon jungle has been arrested by Colombian officers for ‘abuse’

The father of two of the 4 youngsters who survived a aircraft crash that killed their mom and two different adults, then survived alone within the Amazon jungle for 40 days, was arrested.

Colombia’s prosecutor’s workplace confirmed that officers have arrested 32-year-old Manuel Ranoque, the daddy of the 1- and 4-year-old boys within the crash and the stepfather of the 2 women, ages 9 and 13.

Officials gave few particulars in regards to the arrest, however media experiences mentioned it was allegations of abuse.

Astrid Eliana Cáceres, director of the Colombian Institute for Family Welfare, mentioned the federal government company was cooperating with authorities.

“We learned of the arrest of the father of two minor Mucutuy children and we believe the prosecutor’s office acted within the full framework of the law,” she mentioned.

The father of two of the 4 youngsters who survived a aircraft crash that killed their mom and two different adults, then survived alone within the Amazon jungle for 40 days, was arrested

Exclusive pictures present the 4 siblings, Lesly, 13, Soleiny, 9, Tien Noriel, 4, and child Cristin, one, secure of their hospital beds at a army hospital in Bogota, Colombia

Ranoque was concerned in a custody battle over the youngsters with their maternal grandparents.

Their mom died 4 days after the crash, in accordance with the eldest little one, Lesly.

The 4 siblings have been taken into custody by Colombian Child Protection since they left the hospital after recovering from malnutrition and different illnesses.

Their maternal grandfather, Narciso Mucutuy, has accused Ranoque of beating their mom, Magdalena Mucutuy.

Before authorities confirmed his arrest, Ranoque admitted to reporters that there was bother at house, however mentioned he thought-about it a non-public household matter and never “gossip” to the remainder of the world.

When requested if he had abused his spouse, Ranoque replied: ‘Verbally yes. Physically very little, because we had more battles of words.’

The arrest passed off in Bogota in accordance with El Paísa Spanish-language newspaper.

The director of the Colombian Family Welfare Institute (ICBF), Astrid Cáceres, advised the outlet that the siblings had been doing properly.

Ranoque and army personnel took half within the rescue mission by which the 32-year-old admitted to utilizing hallucinogens to have visions that would cause them to the displaced minors

“The children are still in the process of establishing their rights. We’re not going to expose them to any other exercise. Their history and their personal lives are their own,’ she said.

Magdalena Mucutuy, the mother of the four children, died in a plane crash while they were traveling to Bogota to meet Ranoque – who had fled an indigenous reservation where he was governor, according to the outlet.

It is alleged that Ranoque tried to get away after reporting threats from the Frente Carolina Ramirez – a group led by former guerrilla leaders – for control of Putumayo and Caquetá, two areas in the Colombian Amazon, near the border with Ecuador and Peru. who play a crucial role in the drug trade.

The children survived on cassava flour found in the luggage of one of the deceased, fruit from the jungle and a package of emergency supplies dropped by military personnel.

Ranoque and military personnel took part in the rescue mission in which the 32-year-old admitted to using hallucinogens to have visions that could lead them to the displaced minors.

When the children were finally found in June, complaints from the children’s maternal grandparents began to pour.

ICBF took on the children as they investigated claims of child abuse – allegations vehemently denied by Ranoque, who sought custody.

“They are my children, not the president’s,” he advised the newspaper in July.

Magdalena Mucutuy, the mom of the 4 youngsters, died in a aircraft crash whereas touring to Bogota to fulfill Ranoque

DailyMail.com spoke to Dairo, Valencia’s brother, as he sat within the foyer of his Bogota resort. “We didn’t know Magdalena was leaving with the kids,” Dairo mentioned. “The most painful thing is that my sister never said goodbye to us”

Maternal grandparents, Narciso Mucutuy and María Fátima Valencia, alleged that Ranoque “beat their daughter and abused their grandchildren.”

They additionally fought for custody of the youngsters.

Just a few weeks in the past it was reported that Ranoque had filed one million greenback lawsuit in opposition to Avianline Charters – the proprietor of the crashed aircraft.

DailyMail.com confronted Ranoque on the road after allegations he had abused Magdalena and her household completely mentioned he was having an affair.

Wearing what gave the impression to be new red-and-white high-top Nike sneakers, designer denims, and a colourful native beaded necklace emblazoned with photos of toucans and a tiger’s head, he evaded our questions.

When requested if he had any reply to the declare that he bodily hit Magdalena, one of many counselors shook his head and mentioned, “Don’t answer that.”

Ranoque, who was outdoors the army hospital the place all 4 youngsters are at present recovering, did say, “I can’t talk about that.

‘I can’t say anything. They have forbidden me to say anything. These are personal matters.’

It was not clear who he was referring to when he said ‘she’, but it was understood that he had engaged a lawyer.

The four native children are depicted after being rescued. They were missing for six weeks in the Colombian Amazon jungle after a plane crash

Belgian Shepherd Wilson played a vital role in tracking down the four children, but remains missing in the Amazon rainforest

When asked if he wanted to talk about the rescue, he declined, saying, “I can’t right now.” Because I’ve to go to the outlets and get some garments earlier than they shut.’ He didn’t say whether or not this was for himself or for the youngsters.

DailyMail.com beforehand completely revealed that Magdalena’s brother Dairo Mucutuy, 30, believed Ranoque was dishonest on his sister.

Ranoque – who has been very vocal about claiming his rights over all 4 survivors – left Magdalena of their indigenous neighborhood off Bogota, claiming he was threatened by FARC guerrillas of their homeland.

But as soon as within the sprawling capital, the daddy of the 2 youthful youngsters reportedly had an affair — after which introduced the lady again to the southern tribal space, the place he shattered his spouse of seven years, her brother Dairo advised DailyMail.com.

Ranoque later left for Bogota once more, however stored the mother-of-four in hopes they may mend a relationship, Dairo mentioned on the time.

Sitting within the foyer of his resort in Bogota, Dairo calmly revealed to us, “What happened is that Manuel came to this city and cheated on my sister here.

“The point is that he brought the woman he cheated with back into the community. So of course my sister left home because of the affair and came to live with me and my partner and two kids.’

Dairo, who has come to the capital from his base in the homeland of the indigenous Huitoto group to offer his support to the surviving children, continued: “Manuel went back to Bogota, but he left her a bag and in it was a piece of paper with a phone number.

Magdalena communicated with him. But we noticed that when she talked to him, she hid. And sometimes we heard her cry.

“We think she was somehow fooled into trying to come to Bogota. We’re not exactly sure of the reasons.’

“We didn’t know Magdalena was leaving with the kids,” Dairo mentioned. “The most painful factor is that my sister by no means mentioned goodbye to us.

‘We couldn’t speak. It damage once I came upon what occurred between her and Manuel. I’m so unhappy that I by no means received to speak to her correctly about it. I felt I didn’t need to stress her about one thing that was so onerous for her.

‘I was waiting for the right moment. But that moment never came because she had clearly made her decision to leave and we knew nothing about it.

“She came to a community meeting just before and we thought she was going to our aunt’s home. We didn’t know her objective was to take that aircraft. Maybe she felt confused. We’ll by no means know now.’

Amid the rising bitterness over the youngsters’s future, Dairo mentioned, “The hope is that the youngsters keep collectively, due to what they’ve been by.

“Lesly received all of them by this. And that creates a particular bond. We need them to all the time keep collectively and that Manuel doesn’t battle for custody.

‘I spoke to the father of the eldest two, Andres. He has seen the children and he told me that now is not the time for fighting and division. It is the time to focus on the well-being, safety and comfort of the children.’