EXCLUSIVE: Brittany Higgins fearful that everybody ‘hated’ her for ‘destroying’ the Liberal occasion when Scott Morrison misplaced the 2022 federal election…regardless of vowing to ‘get’ him

Brittany Higgins was unhappy and feared that everybody would hate her as a result of the coalition would lose the federal election after campaigning in opposition to Scott Morrison.

Texts obtained by Daily Mail Australia present the previous Liberal staffer feared she could be blamed after feminine voters turned savagely in opposition to the Prime Minister and the LNP was ousted in May 2022.

‘I’m going loopy. It was by no means my intention to assist destroy the Liberal Party. Does everybody hate me?’ she requested.

Ms Higgins grew to become a family title and a figurehead for girls’s rights after she claimed she was raped by Bruce Lehrmann in former Defense Secretary Linda Reynolds’ workplace after an evening out in 2019. Mr Lehrmann has strongly denied the allegation.

Brittany Higgins is pictured together with her fiancé, David Sharaz. She alleged that Bruce Lehrmann raped her in 2019. He denies the allegations

In a WhatsApp change between Ms Higgins and political journalist Samantha Maiden 4 days after the election, the previous Young Liberal complained that the outcome was ‘much sadder’ than she had imagined.

Ms Higgins’ fears in regards to the election outcome got here after she had a couple of years rubbing shoulders with Labor MPs and anti-government plots together with her now-fiancé David Sharaz, whom Mr Morrison typically known as ‘c**t’ of their non-public conversations.

Speaking to Mr Shiraz on March 26, 2021, Higgins stated of Mr Morrison: “He’s about to get screwed. Wait a second. We’ve got him.’

Polls conducted by the Australia Institute showed that only 30% of women expressed their first preference for the coalition in the last election, amid claims that female voters felt Mr Morrison did not take violence against women or sexual harassment seriously.

In the text exchange obtained by Daily Mail Australia, Ms Maiden tried to calm Ms Higgins down“I don’t think any of them are making it personal to you or that you are responsible for it in any way.”

Pictured: A mock-up of WhatsApp messages between Brittany Higgins and political journalist Samantha Maiden

So I wouldn’t panic. I don’t assume anybody thinks you destroyed the Liberal Party. I believe Scott Morrison did that himself.’

Mrs. Higgins replied, “Okay. Thank you. Election night was a lot sadder than I ever imagined and the whole Twitter squad the next day made it even worse.”

Ms Higgins’ allegations have been first revealed by Ms Maiden on information.com.au on the morning of 15 February 2021. Later that night, she made the identical allegations in a TV interview with Lisa Wilkinson on The Project.

A month later Ms Higgins’ famously accused the Morrison authorities of failing to guard her whereas addressing a crowd of 5,000 at a ‘March 4 Justice’ rally for girls on the garden exterior Parliament House in Canberra.

While Ms Higgins informed Ms Maiden she was upset when the Liberal Party misplaced authorities in 2022, she herself seemed to be at warfare with Mr Morrison forward of the election.

Her allegations have been intentionally broadcast on nationwide tv earlier than Senate estimates – to make sure she may ship inquiries to the Coalition by “friendly” Labor MPs throughout query time.

She was taped about two weeks prematurely wargaming the published, in a five-hour meet-and-greet with Mr Sharaz, Wilkinson and Channel 10 producer Angus Llewellyn.

During that dialog, Mr Llewellyn requested: ‘Do you know any friendly MPs who could ask questions in Question Time?

Ms Higgins stood on the front lawn of Parliament House and accused the coalition of treating her allegations as an inconvenience

Samantha Maiden (pictured) first published Ms Higgins’ allegations on-line, on February 15, 2021

Ms Higgins met with former Liberal chief Scott Morrison (pictured). He misplaced the 2022 election

Mrs. Higgins replied, “We can find some.”

Mr Sharaz stated: ‘I’ve a pal in Labour, Katy Gallagher on the Labor aspect, who will look into it and take it ahead.

“So next week, the story gets out, they have to answer questions during question time, it’s a mess for (the Liberal Party).

On the Acts of Parliament a month later, Ms Higgins stood on the lawn of the House of Parliament and accused the Coalition of treating her allegations as an inconvenience.

“I was (allegedly) raped in the House of Parliament by a colleague and for so long it felt like the people around me only cared about where it happened and what it might mean for them,” she informed the cheering crowd .

Brittany Higgins claims that Bruce Lehrmann (pictured left, together with his lawyer) raped her in Parliament House. He denies the allegation

“I wasn’t someone who had just experienced a life-changing traumatic event, I was a political problem.”

Less than two weeks after giving that speech, she texted Mr Sharaz to say that Mr Morrison was ‘about to get screwed’.

“Wait a minute,” she wrote. ‘We’ve obtained him.’


Two weeks after, Mr Sharaz additionally referred to Mr Morrison when he texted Ms Higgins to say: “I still hate the c**t.”

A month after that, Mr. Sharaz texted Ms. Higgins about Senate estimates, calling Labor chief Anthony Albanese “Albo” and Mr. Morrison simply “c**t.”

Ms Higgins and her fiancé additionally organized a number of conferences with Labor and Green senators, together with Sarah Hanson-Young, who visited the previous staffer at her Brisbane residence, and the then opposition chief, Mr Albanese.

She additionally went for tea with former Labor chief Kevin Rudd in a “$10 million penthouse.”

Mr Lehrmann was tried by the ACT Supreme Court in October final 12 months.

Under cross-examination, Ms. Higgins informed the courtroom she supposed to carry down the Liberal occasion: “I loved my party, I loved the Liberal party.”

‘It sounds absurd. I didn’t essentially need to damage them. I needed to reform this difficulty,” she informed the courtroom.

A mistrial was declared after a juror introduced banned investigative materials to courtroom, earlier than the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions dropped the assault cost totally out of concern for Ms Higgins’ psychological well being.

A day after the DPP introduced the failure of the case, Ms Higgins acquired a compensation cost from the Labor authorities – price as much as $3 million.