Virginia manufacturing unit employee Oliver Anthony turns into an in a single day sensation with the anthem “Rich Men North of Richmond”

A Virginia manufacturing unit employee has grow to be an in a single day sensation after a video went viral of him performing a soulful rendition of his nationwide anthem.

Oliver Anthony, a singer who lives in Farmville, is proving to be successful with followers after his tune ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ was shared on-line.

In the clip, Anthony will be seen emotionally lashing out each phrase of his “frightening” tune as he strums his guitar.

Lyrics embrace “Lord it’s a damn shame / What happened to the world / For people like me and people like you / I wish I could just wake up and it’s not true / But it is, oh, it is.’

Anthony Oliver’s emotional performance of his original song ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ has gone viral

In just three days, more than 1.5 million people have seen him sing online

With his dog by his side, he continues, “Living in the new world / With an old soul / These rich men north of Richmond / God knows they all want total control.”

The video has been considered greater than 1.4 million instances in three days on radiowv’s YouTube channel.

Thousands of viewers took to the feedback part to reward the musician and his means to convey emotion by means of his lyrics.

“I’m a 39-year-old Iraqi vet and construction worker, struggling like a dog to take care of two kids and keep a farm running when I’m not working 11 hours a day,” a brand new fan shared.

“This hit me so hard today I had to stop and tear up my old Peterbilt. Preach brother.’

“This song touched my soul and I can’t wait to hear more,” one other applauded.

“Absolutely excellent,” stated one other.

I haven’t heard a chilling authentic tune in a long time. You communicate for thousands and thousands of us,’ somebody admired.

‘So awesome! You sing it with truth and soul, and tell it like it is! Man, this is what America needs. It makes me feel like we have our voice back. Keep bringing it,” said another.

Thousands of people have praised the singer for his striking voice

Anthony lives in Farmville with his three dogs and hopes to one day raise cattle

He credits one of his biggest influences as Hank Williams Jr

On Wednesday night, Oliver took to his Facebook page to thank everyone for their support.

“I am so grateful for the support my music has received so far,” he wrote.

“I’m within the means of scheduling gigs and can publish a calendar when it’s out there.”

More than 400 individuals expressed their assist and encouragement to proceed and share his “incredible” voice with the world.

“I am amazed by your voice, your words, the depth and truthfulness,” praised one individual.

The ardour in your eyes! Totally blown away by this tune and the artist. I can’t wait to see you on the massive stage in the future.”

The off-the-grid farmer commonly shares music on his Youtube Channel through the previous 5 months.

He lives along with his three canines on a bit of land that he hopes to show right into a farm to lift cattle.

Anthony cites one among his largest influences as Hank Williams Jr.

Fans can take heed to his music on Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora.