Lionel Messi’s arrival at Inter Miami doubled Apple TV’s MLS Season Pass subscribers, claims owner Jorge Mas

Lionel Messi’s move to South Florida has boosted subscribers to Major League Soccer’s streaming service.

According to Inter Miami club co-owner Jorge Mas, Messi’s arrival has more than doubled the service’s subscribers – many of whom tune in to watch the matches in Spanish.

‘The Messi effect is real!’ Mas claimed. “#MLSSeasonPass subscribers on @AppleTV have more than doubled since Messi joined @InterMiamiCF.”

“Also, Hispanic viewership on #MLSSeasonPass on @AppleTV is up over 50% for Messi matches and continues to rise. How exciting for a truly global fan base!’

Apple has not released any statistics to back up Mas’s claims.

The arrival of Lionel Messi has boosted Major League Soccer subscriptions

Inter Miami owner Jorge Mas says Messi’s move doubled MLS Season Pass subscribers

Apple has not released any data to support Mas’s claims (above).

But it wouldn’t be surprising if Mas was telling the truth – given that Messi’s games have become wildly popular since his arrival.

Just before Messi made his debut against Cruz Azul at the end of July, the service had nearly 1 million subscribers.

However, that does not mean that everyone pays for the service.

One of the main ways to get the service for free is to buy a season ticket to an MLS club. According to WorldSoccerTalk, an estimated 420,000 people are Major League Soccer season ticket holders.

Plus, those who have T-Mobile as their cellular provider – and those who own an LG Smart TV can get a season of the service for free.

Essentially, it’s not clear how many people switched to the service by paying for it – or if they’re among many who got it as an incentive.

According to multiple reports, Messi will reportedly receive a portion of MLS Season Pass subscription revenue as part of his contract.