Woman shoots vegan neighbor who refuses to kill her daughter’s nits

A lady has lashed out at a mom who refuses to kill her daughter’s nits due to her vegan way of life.

The involved mother or father, from Australia, signed up 9 coach to ask for recommendation on easy methods to motive with the mom.

In the letter, written in 2015 however not too long ago surfaced on-line, the lady explains how the “delightful” little woman is her daughter’s greatest pal.

She wrote: ‘My seven-year-old daughter is best friends with the girl next door, whose family is vegan.

‘That’s positive. We respect their selection and even make particular meals when the little river involves play.’

The involved girl noticed that her daughter’s greatest pal’s hair was “full of head lice.” Stock photograph

During one in every of their playdates, the mom observed her daughter’s pal scratching her head “angrily”.

Upon nearer inspection, the mother or father famous that the seven-year-old woman’s head was “crawling with head lice.”

Although the mom describes herself as “pretty easy going,” she determined to speak to her neighbor about it.

However, she was shocked to be taught that the mom was nicely conscious of her daughter’s head lice, however couldn’t bear to kill them.

She instructed the mom that her vegan way of life prevented her from killing any dwelling factor.

Instead, the mother or father has taken to brushing her daughter’s hair within the yard, hoping it would give them a greater probability of survival.

The mom described her “jaw dropping to the floor” and mentioned she doesn’t need to cease the ladies from taking part in collectively – however isn’t certain what else to do.

She added: ‘It’s unimaginable to comb them into the backyard’ (industrial pesticide hardly works) and I don’t need my daughter lined in pests.’


Head lice are small bugs that dwell and lay their eggs within the hair. Their empty egg circumstances that stick with the hair are often called “nits.”

Lice, which might be handled with over-the-counter medicines, multiply shortly and may trigger itching and irritation of the scalp.

In extreme circumstances, infections can develop when youngsters scratch their heads with soiled fingernails or when lice feces get right into a scratch.

All individuals who come into contact with the contaminated individual also needs to examine if they’ve contracted the bug, because it spreads simply.

Clothes, bedding, and different merchandise needs to be washed at excessive warmth to kill the bugs.

If one thing can’t be washed, it ought to both be dry cleaned or sealed in a bag for 2 weeks to assist kill the infestation.

The comb and conditioner methodology is the popular option to detect and deal with head lice as a result of it’s efficient, doesn’t contribute to insecticide resistance in head lice, and likewise carries a low danger of pores and skin irritation.

What you want:

Regular comb to detangle hair earlier than utilizing a metallic lice comb

Fine-toothed metallic lice comb (out there at your native drugstore or on-line)

Conditioner – purchase an inexpensive model as you’ll need a number of it, and ideally one that’s white to make it simpler to identify the lice

White paper towel

The web site’s aunt, Alexandra Carlton, from Sydney, was additionally baffled by the dilemma — describing the vegan mother as a “sanctimonious bastard.”

At first, Alexandra recommended that the youngsters play a sport of “hairdresser” at their subsequent playdate – which might give the mom an opportunity to deal with the lice.

However, she admitted that this might danger upsetting her neighbor and straining their relationship.

As an alternate, Alexandra recommended she “bluff her” and inform the mom she wouldn’t let the ladies play collectively till the nit infestation was handled.

That mentioned, this might inevitably upset her daughter if the vegan mother or father nonetheless refuses to behave.

So the aunt instructed the mom to tie her daughter’s hair as tightly as attainable the following time she sees her pal, to cut back the danger of selecting up nits.

She additionally recommended spraying her hair with conditioner, tea tree and eucalyptus oils. nonetheless, the website of the GGD states that there isn’t a identified head lice prevention.

Instead, they suggest washing your baby’s hair commonly to catch any lice early.