You’ve been saying the long-lasting bra model identify Bendon incorrect all of your life

Bendon is likely one of the largest names in lingerie on this planet – however most individuals don’t pronounce it proper.

The iconic New Zealand model is greatest identified for its large vary of bras that includes all the pieces from high drawer necessities to essentially the most lavish date night time specials.

But most individuals pronounce the mark too rapidly. Ben-d’n.

According to Kirstin Sweeney, the General Manager of Sales on the New Zealand-born model, it’s known as “bendable” as a result of it’s made to bend to the physique.

The Bendon Group was based in 1947 and was mispronounced in a number of markets within the many years since.

Bendon is likely one of the largest names in lingerie on this planet – however most individuals don’t pronounce it proper

Bendon has been working since 1947 when it launched in New Zealand

Other massive manufacturers have been spouting frequent mispronunciations these days – with fashionable corporations like adidas leaving many in shock.

It is pronounced ‘a-DEE-das’ with stress on the second syllable, not ‘AH-dee-das’, which is the frequent mispronunciation.


Hermès is essentially the most mispronounced trend model. The identify of this model might be troublesome when you don’t communicate the native language, however it’s appropriately pronounced ‘EHR-mez’.

Another French luxurious trend home, Louis Vuitton has been an actual tongue tornado for some and is appropriately pronounced ‘lou-ee VWEE-tah-n’.

Versace can also be one of the vital mispronounced model names. Founded by Gianni Versace in 1978, the epitome of Italian luxurious is presently creatively led by his sister, Donatella.

The designer and businesswoman even known as out mispronunciators in an iconic video, by which she cleared issues up by saying, It’s not “ver-sah-chee,” it’s “Ver-sah-CHEH.”

Similarly, the sports activities model Nike has sparked a lot debate over the pronunciation of its identify, taken from the Greek goddess of victory.

The identify is pronounced ‘ni-key’ and never ‘nyke’ as it’s generally identified.

This grew to become clear in June 2014 when Philip Knight, the chairman of the board of administrators of Nike, obtained a letter asking them to circle whether or not Nike is pronounced ‘Nike’ or ‘Nikey’.

Ben Martin and Kendal Peters, who despatched the letter, posted a photograph of the returned sheet with the latter circled.

Another fake pas refers to French model Givenchy as “ga-vin-chee.” If you need to grasp this pronunciation, it’s a must to study a slight French accent and say: ‘zhee-von-she’. A favourite of the Kardashians, Balmain is pronounced ‘bal-ma’ and Balenciaga has a gentle ‘C’ – pronounced ‘bah-len-see-ah-gah’.

Also very complicated to some is Swiss luxurious watchmaker Hublot.

While it appears like ‘hub-lot’ to us Brits, the right solution to pronounce the identify is ‘oo-blow’.

The Italian model Bulgari, identified for its jewelry, watches and fragrances, is also referred to as ‘bul-gar-ree’, which isn’t appropriate. It ought to really be pronounced “bul-guh-ree.”


Beauty manufacturers may make some folks gag.

The highly regarded American model Glossier leaves folks scratching their heads on say the identify, with some saying it: “Gloss-ee-ur.”

The appropriate solution to pronounce it’s really “gloss-ee-yay.”

Many persons are confused about pronounce L’Occitane, the identify of the French magnificence retailer.

If you’ve ever questioned pronounce the Provence-inspired model, chances are high you’re not alone. The appropriate solution to pronounce it’s ‘lox-EE-tahn’.

CeraVe has additionally proved thorny for some. The model is thought for its skincare merchandise formulated to assist restore the pores and skin’s protecting barrier.

FEMAIL reveals pronounce the names of those manufacturers which have tripped Brits through the years

If you’re undecided say it, the right pronunciation is “CER-ah-vee.”


Nutella, which has lengthy been Britain’s favourite hazelnut chocolate unfold, is formally pronounced ‘new-tell-uh’ – not ‘nuh-tell-uh’ as ​​many British followers use.

This announcement made headlines in September 2015 when Italian producer Ferrero made the revelation on the official Nutella web site within the FAQ part.

The fashionable pilsner Stella Artois usually fools folks with its French identify. While it’s frequent for folks to pronounce the “S” on the finish, the right solution to order this drink is “stel-ah ar-twa.”

Hoegaarden, producer of white beer from Belgium, is often pronounced ‘ho-gar-den’ by Brits who order the drink. However, within the nation the place it’s made, it’s known as “who-garden”.


Car manufacturers will also be troublesome to pronounce. German automaker Porsche is pronounced “por-sha,” not “porsh,” and South Korean automobile firm Hyundai needs to be pronounced “hun-day,” not “hi-yun-dai.”

German Volkswagen can also be a little bit of a tongue tornado. The ‘L’ is silent, so the phrase is pronounced ‘vo-ks var-gen’.