Shocking second when British father and son are brutally overwhelmed up by bouncers as they’re kicked out of a bar in Thailand’s ‘Sin City’

Shockingly, a British vacationer and his son had been brutally overwhelmed by bouncers outdoors a bar in Thailand’s ‘Sin City’ Pattaya.

Holidaymaker Ian Thomas, 60, and his son Gregory, 37, had entered the Matador Bar within the metropolis’s red-light district of Soi Buakhao, however had been reportedly requested to go away by the bar’s proprietor at round 1:35am on August 5.

The pair had been ushered out by bouncers when their heated argument changed into a bodily brawl, with Gregory being overwhelmed up first. CCTV footage exhibits him being hit and pulled to the bottom, the place he was then kicked repeatedly.

Footage then exhibits aged Briton Ian, in a black shirt, then punching a guard within the face, inflicting additional chaos as workers pushed him to the bottom and kicked him repeatedly within the head.

Gregory, in a plaid polo, was seen making an attempt to assist his father, solely to be attacked and overwhelmed once more, leaving his father mendacity in a heap on the street.

Shockingly, a British vacationer and his son had been attacked by bouncers outdoors a bar in Thailand’s ‘Sin City’ Pattaya

Later footage of the scene confirmed Gregory narrating the occasions.

The 37-year-old stated: ‘The bouncer got aggressive with me and I said ‘do you want to fight me?’. He began preventing me. I got here out and he pushed me to the ground and my shoe got here off.

“I got up and my shoe came off. I got up and said ‘sorry, sorry’ and I gave him 2,000 Baht. Everything was okay.’

Pattaya police officers arrived on the scene to intervene after reports from concerned bystanders.

They found Gregory tending to an injured Ian, who was lying on the floor with an injured left eyebrow and broken glasses.

They took the tourists and bouncer Natthakarn Boonprasom, 27, to the police station for questioning.

Holidaymaker Ian Thomas, 60, and his son Gregory, 37, were led out when their heated argument turned into a physical brawl, with Gregory first being beaten up by a pair of bouncers (shown in this CCTV footage)

Pictured: Gregory falls to the floor while being attacked by a bouncer

A heated argument between Gregory (seen in the checkered shirt) and his father Ian (seen to Gregory’s left) led to the father lashing out at one of the two bouncers, who this time attacked Ian in retaliation, punching him and pushing him towards the floor

Ian Thomas is on the floor outside the bar after being attacked by the bouncers

Natthakarn said the bar owner ordered him to escort the British revelers out of the bar, but Ian pushed him away, sparking a chaotic fight.

It is not clear why the tourists were kicked out of the bar.

At the station, Ian complained of chest pains and had to be taken to Pattaya Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Police said he and his son were under the influence of alcohol and would be questioned at a later date.

A crowd has gathered around British father Ian Thomas and his son Gregory after the pain erupted in a fight with bouncers at the Matador Bar in Pattaya, Thailand’s ‘Sin City’

Gregory Thomas is seen standing over his injured father Ian outside the bar in Pattaya

Thailand’s current military government has made an effort to clean up Pattaya (pictured) after it was dubbed the “sex capital” of the world and a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah

Police captain Nattapol Saengsee stated officers checked CCTV footage of the incident to “find a solution.” He added: “We are mediating between the two groups to ensure that the situation is resolved.”

Thailand’s present navy authorities has made an effort to scrub up Pattaya after it was dubbed the “sex capital” of the world and a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah.

However, the town’s profitable shadow economic system, based mostly on intercourse, crime, booze and medicines, has confirmed tough to tame within the as soon as sleepy coastal metropolis.

Also, numerous British ex-pats have arrange bars within the sun-drenched resort, which has grow to be a lovely place for retirees to retire.