Mom shares artistic hack to maintain her toddler son from falling off the bed, however persons are involved a few potential well being danger

A mom has provide you with an progressive technique to preserve her toddler son from falling off the bed – however some folks identified an alarming danger after seeing the outcomes.

Take to TikTokthe American mom — generally known as @leahvidaurre on the social web site — posted a video demonstrating the method of creating an inexpensive invention to maintain her son from rolling out of his Montessori ground mattress.

The content material creator often posts suggestions and recommendation for her 45,000 followers and different new mothers, from breastfeeding hacks to sensory play options.

Leah revealed how she creates a “barrier” to maintain her son from tumbling out utilizing three pool noodles caught collectively.

The video garnered over half one million likes and over 1,600 feedback, with many mentioning hack her hack.

In the video, Leah reveals the stunning methodology of retaining her toddler son from falling off the bed – three pool noodles taped collectively to create a ‘barrier’

In the latest video, Leah was recorded going right into a Dollar Tree retailer to purchase about six brightly coloured pool noodles.

She stated in a voiceover, “My son keeps rolling out of bed at night. It’s a Montessori bed – oh wait, sorry, I keep getting yelled at by all the Karens online – it’s a mattress on the floor.

“Anyway, he keeps rolling out of bed at night and this interrupts his sleep. I’m up all night in fear thinking it’s going to roll, so it really just doesn’t work.’

As a solution, Leah taped three pool noodles together, creating a triangle-like shape that could be used as a bumper.

She explained, “I decided to make these pool noodle bumpers, so I went to the local dollar store and glued them into the shape of a triangle.”

The content material creator then eliminated all sheets and bedding from the mattress to suit the bumpers on the suitable and left sides of the mattress, leaving the underside open.

Leah continued, “I put them on two sides. I leave one side of the bed open so he can get in and out.

“He has become very good at self-regulation. When he is tired, he crawls into bed and falls asleep. If he’s not tired, he gets out and plays.’

The content creator removes all sheets and bedding from the mattress to fit the bumpers on the right and left sides of the bed, leaving the bottom open

The mother completed the video by rolling in different directions on her son’s bed, demonstrating the successful effect of the pool noodle bumpers.

She concluded: ‘I tested them – they kept me in bed! So here’s sleeping through the night.’

Some people shared enthusiasm and gratitude in the comments for the cheap, creative tip – especially those who own a Montessori bed of their own or for their little ones to sleep in.

One user said, “This is a good idea, I’ll keep this in mind for when my son has his floor bed too,” whereas one other wrote, “That’s actually genius.”

However, an amazing variety of customers identified a flaw in Leah’s thought of ​​attaching the bumpers to a mattress positioned straight on the ground – the excessive chance of mould forming beneath.

One commenter wrote, “I think it’s important to still have it elevated as a mattress with no airflow will cause mold over time.”

Another stated, “You should get slats to keep it off the ground for ventilation.”

One consumer warned: ‘As a student I slept on a mattress on the floor. But it got moldy and I got a headache. Please consider something for some airflow underneath!’

Some folks commented on the mom’s video to reward her artistic thought, however the majority of customers identified that her son’s ground mattress posed a well being danger

Another agreed, writing, “As everyone else has said, please put some slats of wood or something similar to raise the mattress so it doesn’t get moldy.”

One particular person complimented Leah’s thought, but in addition supplied her personal recommendation. She stated, “For little kids who walk around a lot at night, this is smart, no injuries. But would recommend a small frame underneath so it doesn’t mold.’

One lone commenter explained that pool noodle bumpers have been used similarly before in certain industries, saying, “In the nursing home industry, we’ve been making pool noodle pillows for years.”