I’m a British expat in Australia and that is the worst date I’ve had since shifting to Queensland: ‘I can’t consider he requested me that’

A British expat has opened up about how ‘horrible’ courting in Australia could be after she was requested a ‘rude’ query by a person she dated.

Jordana Grace lives in Queensland and was just lately requested by somebody how her courting life goes.

In response, the 37-year-old shared the story of her final date during which the person, who was the identical age as her, stated he was frightened about her organic clock operating out.

Jordana felt “nervous and uncomfortable” and stated she joked about her organic clock ticking for the remainder of the date.

Thousands of followers have been shocked by the person’s “boldness” and shared their very own horror courting outlets.

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British expat Jordana Grace (pictured), 37, remembers the worst date she had whereas dwelling in Australia, prompting the person to specific issues about her ‘biological clock’

What’s it prefer to date in Australia? Well buckle up, that is going to be an unsightly journey,” Jordana, who goes by That British Girl on-line, stated in a TikTok video.

“I was talking to an older man at church and he said, ‘I met my wife at church 20 years ago, what’s dating like now?’

Jordana told the man, named David, that her experience so far has been “terribly squeaky.”

She stated she just lately took the Hell’s Gate coastal stroll in Noosa on her final date and joked that the identify ought to have been her ‘first clue’ that it was about to take a flip for the worst.

“Halfway through the walk, this guy turns to me and says, ‘Yeah, so I want kids, but I’m worried about your biological clock,’” Jordana remembers.

Jordana stated she joked for the remainder of the date commenting, “I keep going, ‘Oh my god, can you hear that?’ Tick ​​tick tick, it’s my biological clock ticking away”

“Okay, I was worried I didn’t have enough sunscreen on, but keep going.”

The man reiterated his concern, saying he doesn’t wish to waste Jordana’s time as a result of he likes her however didn’t suppose she might “biologically” have youngsters for much longer.

“Okay, we’re the same age,” Jordana stated, reenacting the dialog.

“Yes, but it’s worse for women, isn’t it?” stated the person earlier than joking, “I wonder if I can jump off that cliff.”

But Jordana “hadn’t even gotten to the worst of it,” and stated she joked concerning the remark for the remainder of the stroll.

“Because I was on this date and I felt really nervous and uncomfortable and for some reason I keep saying, ‘Oh my god, do you hear that?’” she stated.

“Tick tick tick, it’s my biological clock ticking away.”

Jordana’s clip was seen greater than 93,800 instances and acquired a sequence of outraged feedback.

“Who brings this up on a first date?!” one lady requested and a second identified, “Why did he date you if your age was an issue for him?”

“Biological clock” is the place you possibly can have used the Australian phrase “yes, no”. Closely adopted by “See ya mate,” one other joked.

“So he was expecting kids at the end of the walk?” somebody laughed.

Others shared their very own unhealthy date tales, together with a girl who caught her boyfriend writing in her diary for only a few months once they have been speculated to attempt for youths.

“I had a man who told me he wanted three kids before he was 40 (he was 38) and when I told him I can’t have any more kids he said to me *oh I can fix that*,” remembers one different lady herself.

“It’s better than a man asking me if I like being told what to do and do what I’m told to do,” added a second.