Trump’s particular counsel Jack Smith enters the ex-president’s menacing Truth Social put up saying, “If you go after me, I’ll come after you,” simply HOURS after it was revealed

The particular prosecutor overseeing the prosecution of Donald Trump utilized for an emergency warrant on Friday night time to forestall Trump from utilizing confidential data from the case in opposition to potential witnesses, after writing on social media: “IF YOU GO NA ME, I’M COMING AFTER YOU!’

Jack Smith made the emergency filing in Washington DC hours after Trump made the post, citing it as evidence that Trump could not be trusted to keep the discovery materials confidential.

Smith warned that the post indicated Trump was determined to attack his critics by any means necessary.

“If the defendant were to begin posting public messages using details — or grand jury transcripts, for example — obtained here upon discovery, it could have a detrimental, chilling effect on witnesses or adversely affect the due process of justice in this case,” Smith mentioned. wrote.

Donald Trump was pictured Friday talking in Montgomery, Alabama. Shortly earlier than the occasion, he posted a risk on social media in opposition to these concerned within the case

On Thursday, the choose in his case — which offers with Trump’s makes an attempt to overturn the election — reminded Trump that it’s a crime to intimidate a juror, bribe somebody or hinder the administration of justice.

When requested if he understood the usual disclaimer, Trump replied that he did.

But on Friday, Trump issued a risk in opposition to these concerned within the case, main Smith to worry Trump might use the invention materials in opposition to these concerned.

Smith mentioned the proposed safety order was not “overly restrictive,” noting that it will nonetheless permit Trump to make use of discovery supplies in his protection.

“All the proposed injunction seeks to prevent is the inappropriate dissemination or use of discovery materials, including to the public,” Smith wrote.

Such a restriction is especially essential on this case as a result of the defendant has beforehand made public statements on social media about witnesses, judges, attorneys and others concerned in authorized instances pending in opposition to him.

“And over the past few days, the defendant has made several posts – specifically or implied – in relation to this case, including the following, which the defendant posted several hours ago.”

Smith then added a screenshot of the Truth Social put up.