Bake the plastic grass! 1 / 4 of Britons now need faux lawns banned

Nearly 1 / 4 of Britons want to assist an entire ban on the sale of faux plastic lawns.

Having a faux garden put in can appear interesting to drained owners – it means you don’t should push the lawnmower round and it appears constant.

But the British have turned their backs on faux grass in recent times, and analysis has proven demand for faux grass installations to fall by 48 per cent in 2022 in comparison with 2021.

More than half of households would by no means have one put in in their very own yard, in keeping with a survey by the commerce web site

Don’t purchase: Bristol is the UK metropolis most in favor of a ban, whereas these in Newcastle least affected by faux lawns

Meanwhile, a 3rd of these surveyed consider that measures needs to be taken to restrict using plastic lawns for environmental causes.

The common value to put in a mock garden in a mean sized backyard is between £1,200 and £2,500, in keeping with

‘One of my biggest regrets at the time’

Victor Bryan, a Buckinghamshire property agent, has had a synthetic pitch put in. He advised This is Money it was a giant remorse.

The issues together with his faux garden began in the summertime.

He tells us: ‘A fake lawn is fine in the winter if you don’t use the backyard, however in the summertime it’s a special story. If you may have canine the most important pitfall is the scent of urine lingering on the faux grass – in the summertime the scent was horrendous.

“It got to a point where it became embarrassing if we had friends in the yard.

“When it was really hot it wasn’t comfortable on your feet – I had to cross the lawn to walk to my garage, which was uncomfortable.”

“If you have a small child, and it’s not nice for them to walk on it because it almost gets sticky in the heat.

“The drainage isn’t the best on synthetic turf either – it’s not as good as grass. If you have a sloping garden, the water drains less quickly than it should.

“When I was emptying the paddling pool, it always ran towards my garage wall. I would never do it again.

Grass not always greener: The British are increasingly turning their backs on synthetic turf

‘I chose to get it done and I paid the £3,000 to have it installed, which was one of my biggest regrets at the time.

“We sold our property, but I would have had it removed if we had stayed there. I wouldn’t get it again.’

Bryan added: ‘I would support a ban on artificial pitches purely because it’s not a good option in the hot summers we get when you have a young child, and for safety reasons because it’s too hot on their feet.

“One of my friends was interested in buying one and asked my opinion of them – I told him just not to.”

Parts of the UK that hate faux grass probably the most

Wales is the nation most offended by faux lawns, with a 3rd of individuals residing there saying there needs to be a full ban. In Northern Ireland, solely 18 p.c felt the identical method.

In phrases of cities, Bristol is the town within the UK most disliked by faux grass, with 38 per cent saying they might welcome a ban on artificial turf. Cardiff was shut behind with 36 per cent agreeing with a ban.

In Edinburgh, 29 p.c supported a ban and in historically ‘green’ Brighton, 27 p.c voted for a ban.

Newcastle don’t seem like as bothered by faux grass, with simply 9 per cent of individuals saying they might assist a ban.

Expert landscaper James Lewis, who works with MyBuilde, mentioned the latest negativity about synthetic turf within the media – plus the Welsh Government’s try to introduce a ban – has led the general public to start out turning in opposition to it.

Lewis says: ‘I’m not stunned to see these outcomes, and it actually appears like extra persons are deciding to not set up artificial turf of their gardens.

‘While it is not for everyone and there are obvious concerns about its ‘green’ {qualifications}, there are advantages to having a synthetic pitch.

“When you think about it, we recommend that you carefully weigh the pros and cons before investing.”

The professionals and cons of faux lawns


1. Low upkeep

No mowing, no watering, no reseeding – there isn’t a doubt that a synthetic grass is less complicated to take care of than a pure garden.

2. Can look good all 12 months spherical

A faux garden gained’t get brown spots, naked spots, or muddy puddles, all of which may have an effect on regular grass. It maintains its look with little upkeep.


1. Purchase and set up prices

Buying and putting in your synthetic grass will most likely value a number of thousand euros.

2. Can get too scorching

As Bryan has skilled, synthetic pitches can get too scorching for little toes and paws, inflicting blisters and burns.

Veterinarians at Joii Pet Care additionally not too long ago warned house owners that synthetic turf could be harmful to pets, advising warning when permitting pets on grass.

3. Poor drainage

An synthetic grass doesn’t drain in addition to an actual garden. This may cause issues in areas the place flooding is an issue, equivalent to in new housing developments constructed on earlier floodplains, or in areas close to our bodies of water. It’s additionally unhealthy information for paddling swimming pools in the summertime months.

4. Impact on pure habitat

Removing pure grass harms the atmosphere and causes habitat loss for bugs, crops and wildlife.