The View’s Joy Behar, 80, is SCOLDED by Alyssa Farah Griffin and Sara Haines for utilizing dangerous language throughout a really fiery on-air debate about Kylie Jenner’s boob job

View host Joy Behar was reprimanded Friday by fellow panelists Alyssa Farah Griffin and Sara Haines after she blurted out a impolite phrase throughout a heated dialogue about Kylie Jenner’s boob job stay on air.

Producers have been compelled to bleep out the offensive language when the outspoken 80-year-old shared her ideas on Kylie’s current cosmetic surgery confession.

Alyssa, 34, and Sara, 45, have been shocked by Joy’s selection of language – which seemed to be the phrase “t*ts” – when Sara advised her, “You can’t say that!”

Kylie, 25, confirmed on the most recent episode of The Kardashians that she went underneath the knife at age 19, however stated she regretted altering her “beautiful breasts.”

During The View debate, Joy shared a number of controversial opinions – first stating that girls solely get their breasts made larger “for men” earlier than suggesting that “small breasts look better in dresses” – which her panelists disagreed with.

Cheeky girl: The View’s Joy Behar was advised by her co-hosts Sara Haines and Alyssa Farah Griffin on the present’s Friday version

Uh oh: Sara appeared unimpressed after Joy used a impolite phrase that needed to be beeped out

However, Joy clearly didn’t care what she may and couldn’t say stay on air and urged her co-stars to not really feel sorry for Kylie and the opposite Kardashians.

“So, Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian clan, has spoken openly about her regrets about getting a breast augmentation,” stated Joy.

“She did it before she had a baby and then the baby came and she says she really regrets doing it and she hopes her daughter won’t do something like that.”

Joy continued, “This is to make them bigger, not smaller, because if you will… people sometimes have back pain because of how big they are, I mean, you walk like Quasimodo sometimes!”

As the panel laughed, Joy added, “To make them bigger in my opinion is strictly for men, because the truth is that small breasts look better in dresses.” Models don’t have (beep)… or no matter you wish to name them!”

It’s unsure precisely what Joy stated, however Alyssa heard a nervous giggle when she requested her, “Can we say that?!”

Joy thought it was hilarious and burst out laughing when Sara advised them, “I’m pretty sure you can’t.”

As she tried to share her ideas, Joy may nonetheless be heard laughing and clearly noticed no downside with what she had stated.

In shock: Alyssa appeared shocked after Joy used the phrase and requested, “Can we say that?”

Strict host: Sara chided Joy and advised her ‘you can’t say that’ as they voiced their opinion

Confession: Kylie Jenner has confirmed that she underwent breast augmentation surgical procedure when she was 19

“I don’t know Kris Jenner, but one thing I always struggled with was how these young girls grew up and it was almost encouraged as a rite of passage in that family,” Sara defined.

“And somebody as soon as stated, ‘The Kardashians are the only people who take their birth faces as just a suggestion,’” she added as the panel burst into laughter again.

Sara tried to keep the conversation serious and then said, “But the influence of a mom, like Kris Jenner, is a momager… I feel sorry for their insides, because to have someone tell you…”

“Oh, they’re repairing their insides too, honey!” Joy joked when Alyssa determined to share her ideas.

“I think the dissatisfaction with your appearance will always be there unless you learn to love yourself,” she stated.

“I’m all for if you want to pinch it, tuck it away, and fix it because you’re confident and you just want that change, but I think you need to deal with your inner beauty and what you think of yourself first.”

Trying to clarify herself additional, Sara chimed in once more, “Just to clarify, I’m just like you Alyssa, I don’t mind if someone does something because I don’t think that was clearly from me.

“But the sadness of looking at a young girl and knowing how they must feel when they ask, that’s the part that makes me sad.”

Speaking up: The panel had differing views on cosmetic surgery and the Kardashians

Being trustworthy: Mom of two Kylie admitted she regrets getting a boob job

Ana Navarro chimed in and stated, “You know something, at 19 you’re going to do whatever you want, right?

“So when it comes to getting a tattoo or more piercings or getting this or that… I’m sitting here with fake hair, fake eyelashes, Daxxify, Morpheus… I’m not going to lecture anyone about what they do or not to do. To do.

“Anything that doesn’t require a scalpel and that helps, that’s what I’m up for right now. though I reserve the right to use a scalpel later!’ joked the 51-year-old.

As the women continued to discuss whether or not the Kardashians were open about the procedures they’d gone through, Joy had one more comment.

‘Don’t feel sorry for these girls! Did she just make a billion dollars with her underwear line?’ Joy said, accidentally referring to Kylie’s older sister Kim Kardashian instead.

“That won’t fix the inside,” Sara countered, as Joy fired again, “It helps!”